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  • 《钢铁是怎样炼成的》中英文读后感 "How the Steel Was Tempered" Book This summer, I had the pleasure of reading a famous writer Pavel Korchagin book "How the Steel Was Tempered." I eat three square meals a sumptuous spiritual feast it has become my favorite reading material of one. This classic, the shape of many kinds, different characters of people, but my favorite is none other than the protagonist - Pavel Korchagin. How people should live makes sense? Pavel Korchagin with their own action to make the perfect answer. In our normal life, surrounded by a lot of people with disabilities, but how many people with his strong will to re-"stand up" out? However, Pavel Korchagin, because, unfortunately, while such a disability, although his body mobility, but he used his dogged determination to overcome his disability discouraged after no more to study hard, work hard, and literature began. But unfortunately, bad luck came again in his head, has been paralyzed for the blind, he is undoubtedly another blow! But he decided to pick up the pen, groping, continue writing, write every word, he needs to pay ordinary people can not imagine the hard work. He finally succeeded in writing the novel "Storm in the difficult birth of" the first few chapters. Read here, my heart had already been deeply shocked, Pavel Korchagin that determination of the face, as if in my eyes. Pavel Korchagin such an ordinary soldier, as much so the strong will of iron, which is what forces inspired him? I think that is the greatest, most magnificent cause of communism called him again and again in miracles now! This is his tenacious fight with the disease dynamics. Pavel Korchagin, such a respectable admirable communist fighter, you set an example for me. "How the Steel Was Tempered" This book benefits greatly from me. I"ll put it on the bed, draw a larger spiritual force. 今年暑假,我有幸阅读了著名作家的保尔·柯察金著作《钢铁是怎样炼成的》.让我饱食了一顿丰盛的精神大餐.它成为了我最喜欢的课外阅读物之一。 这本名著里,塑造了许许多多形形色色,性格各异的人物,而我最喜欢的莫过于小说主人公——保尔·柯察金。 人应该怎样的活着才有意义?保尔·柯察金用自己的实际行动做出了完美的回答。在我们平时生活中,周围残疾的人有很多,但是又有多少人凭着自己坚强的意志重新“站”起来了呢?然而,保尔·柯察金,这样一个因为不幸而残疾的人,虽然自己身体行动不便,但是他用自己顽强的毅力克服了,他在残疾后毫不灰心,更加刻苦学习,努力工作,并且开始了文学创作。但是厄运又一次不幸的降临在他的头上,双目失明对于已经瘫痪的他来说,无疑又是当头一棒!可是他却毅然拿起笔来,摸索着,坚持写作,每写一字,他都需要付出常人根本无法想象的艰辛劳动。他终于成功地写出了小说《在艰苦暴风里诞生》的前几章。读到这儿时,我的心早已经被深深的震撼了,保尔·柯察金那坚毅的脸庞,仿佛就在我的眼前。保尔·柯察金这样一个普通的战士,竟有如此钢铁般的坚强意志,这是什么力量在鼓舞着他呢?我想就是那最伟大,最壮丽的共产主义事业在召唤他一次又一次的创造奇迹吧!这是他顽强地与疾病作斗争的动力。 保尔·柯察金,这样一位可敬可佩的共产主义战士,您为我树立了榜样。《钢铁是怎样炼成的》这本书让我收益匪浅。我将把它放在床头,从中汲取更大的精神力量。