My View on the Ad Done by Celebrity

时间:2014-11-10 | 别忘了推荐给您的好友

Turning on the TV, we can see numerous advertisements done by thecelebrities including the film stars, singers and so on. Some people believe itis worth the efforts because they think what the stars have said in the ads aretrue and convincing while some other people worry that the information in theads may be misleading to the consumers. So far as I am concerned, theadvertisements done by the celebrities should be limited.

First of all, the celebrities, while receiving the handsome pay foradvocating some products, should be responsible for what they have said in theads for the credibility is priceless. We have heard of some cases about thefalse information in the ads and a number of stars have been accused by thecustomers for their misdeeds. What is more, the customers should become carefuland critical about the information they see in TV. It does no harm to thinktwice before buying the products advertised by the stars. Finally, thegovernment needs to tighten the control over the broadcasting of theadvertisement.

To sum up, the stars should be responsible when doing the advertisementand in the mean time, the consumers should be careful when shopping.

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