Oen a sychological Lesson to College Students

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The general age of college students are between 18 to 25 year. From the psychological point of view, it’s in the medium of youth. Some people say that the college students are adults that they handle well with psychological problems. However, the rest argue that college students are not so mature when faced with psychological problems. I agree to the latter and i think it’s necessary to open a psychological lesson to the college students because of the following reasons.

Firstly, in recent years, there are more and more college students drop out from school due to psychological problems. Growing suicides, homicides and other unusual serious incidents are reported from time to time. Now, the social attention to college students’ mental health has reached to climax. Secondly, college students are in a perplexed and contradictory age. On the one hand, they have to study in school to enrich themselves and to get a diploma. On the other hand, they think they are mature to live an independent live, but most of them still depend on their parents. In addition, study challenge, employment pressure and life stress could produce psychological problems.

To sum up, college students are adults but they are still faced with many pressures causing psychological problems that they can not deal with. Therefore, it’s very necessary to open a psychological lesson to college students, helping them get through this period smoothly.

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