Dark Falls Elementary03

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Dark Falls Elementary03

    "Ahhhhh!" I jumped about a mile.
    I spun around, and saw my best friend, Alex, just coming out of the forest, howling with laughter.
    "You idiot!" I screamed and shoved him as hard as I could. He stumbled and fell backwards.
    "Where's Angie?" I asked, just as he had gotten up and was brushing the dirt off of his pants.
    "Chickened out." He snorted.
    "She didn't want to?" I looked surprised, "by the way, how are we going to get in." I nodded over to the school. Alex pulled something metal out of his pocket. "A crowbar!" I exclaimed.
    "Exactly." He walked over to one of the boarded up windows.
    "This is so exciting!" My eyes were twinkling.
    Alex put his crowbar under the first board and pried it off with, to my surprise, no difficulty at all.
    我惊奇地说:“她不想来吗?”我向校舍的方向点点头,问:“对了,我们怎么进去呢?” Alex从口袋里掏出一件金属物件。我叫出声来:“铁橇!”

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